Your hosts at the Lederer Hof

Der Lederer Hof Tegernsee - Designelement
Der Lederer Hof Tegernsee - Altes Bild aus früheren Jahren

We are the Schabmair family. We used to have cows. And our grandma, she always had shot glasses in her apron. And the villa! This is how it all began.

We are now in the third generation and, for more than 150 years, we have been welcoming guests year after year. They used to come for their summer holidays; today they come for biking holidays. Our grandparents Maria and Silvester ran one of the oldest farms on Lake Tegernsee, with an impressive number of cows, pigs and chickens. And of course the farm dog, Attila. Little by little, they started offering rooms for holiday on the farm, in the building that we have always called the “Summer Villa”.

In the second generation, the farm was run by their son Franz, who dedicated himself entirely to renting. The villa was renovated and beautiful apartments with their own bathrooms were created. He and his wife Shushu have lovingly expanded and renovated the farm over the past decades.

And now, it’s time for something new! We, Laura & Roxan, are incredibly happy that our parents have now put the farm in our hands. We grew up in the Lederer Hof and have welcomed guests all our lives. So it quickly became clear to us that we wanted to keep things like that! We redeveloped and modernised the farm with our combined forces and a lot of effort and care. In the course of the upcoming years, there will be many more thrilling innovations that will make the Lederer Hof an exciting whole. To the place where we want to make sure that you get to know and love our Tegernsee feeling.

Laura & Roxan
with the entire Schabmair family and the Lederer Hof team

Roxan Schabmair und Laura Schabmair, Inhaberinnen des Boutique Hotels Der Lederer Hof am Tegernsee

Der Lederer Hof Tegernsee - Designelement

Mit Gruß und Kuss
vom Tegernsee