Your Tegernsee Feeling

What does the Tegernsee mean to us? First of all, freedom. Freedom to enjoy nature and the lake. To discover new things, to really work out. But also to relax, to just let it go, to feel fresh grass under your feet, to do nothing on the Fatboy in the garden. To try regional delicacies. To turn night into day at the famous “Waldfeste”. In summer, take the plunge into the cool, drinking-water quality water. Hold a bottle of Tegernseer in your hand, dangle your feet in the lake and hold your face up to the sun. But also, to see your breath and the snow glisten in the sun on a sunny winter day on the cross-country ski run. Go to the pub where our grandparents lingered on before us and where everyone still meets today. No obligations. Wear a traditional costume, simply because it represents our attitude towards life. Enjoy the views. While hiking, biking, going for a walk, swimming, sailing or going on a boat trip.

That is our Tegernsee feeling. We look forward to sharing it with you!

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Der Lederer Hof Tegernsee - Designelement

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